Maybe you’re frustrated because you haven’t found something to help you get the strong, muscular and athletic physique you’re after…

Or worse, you’ve been on a program and shed some fat, but then it all came roaring back the minute you tried to catch your breath.

I’ve seen it happen time and time again…

Unfortunately, going through this is not only mentally draining, it also makes it physiologically more difficult  for your body to burn fat the next time you try. This is very bad and exactly why you must understand how to prevent it from happening again.

But here’s the thing – if this has happened to you, it most likely isn’t your fault.

It’s The Program That Failed YOU

And there are 3 common reasons why this happens that I’m going to reveal to you in the video below…

So even a fat loss program that helps you rapidly lose fat is completely worthless if it’s not designed to help your body keep prevent fat from coming back.

As the video shows, most programs totally neglect these 3 components to helping you not only lose fat, but more importantly, keep it off. Simply training without paying attention to your hormones, performance gains or periodization is a recipe for failure.

Coach Eric Wong

Now, I want to share with you the solution…

Not just the solution to sculptin a lean, athletic physique, but also the solution to maintaining that physique while developing the strength, power and cardio that MMA fighters are so well-known for.

Real quick – before you watch the video, let me introduce myself…

My name is Eric Wong and I’m a Pro MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach.

I’ve been personal training since 2000 and have an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, as well as multiple certifications and credentials.

Since 2006, I’ve focused my efforts on training professional mixed martial arts fighters – guys who’s number one priority is to be explosive and have the ability to fight for up to 30 minutes.

Here are some of the UFC fighters I’ve helped prepare for battle inside the Octagon:

Pictured from left to right: Jeff Joslin, Claude Patrick and Mark Bocek.

I first conceived of MMA Ripped after I started using the same principles that I train my fighters with on my general fitness clients.

I’d already helped Jeff Joslin win a Canadian welterweight title and get ready for his UFC debut and dozens of other  fighters win their fights.

Once I started crossing these principles over, my clients started getting in much better shape in ALL areas, faster.

Areas like strength, power, endurance and cardio…

Not To Mention Their Physiques
Started Changing DRAMATICALLY

On top of that, they told me they’d had more fun training because of the different methods and exercises I introduced to them.

So I released version 1.0 of MMA Ripped back in March, 2009.

But I’ve learned a lot since then training and my roster includes other UFC fighters like Claude Patrick and Mark Bocek, so I decided to totally revamp it. Create an updated version that better reflected the advanced strategies I’ve been using to train my athletes.

Before releasing it to the public, I also wanted to test it out. Make sure it was as killer as I’d imagined in my head.

I ran a beta test group where I tweaked and refined the program, and now, you’ve got the most efficient and complete solution to give you the fitness of a professional mixed martial artist while blow-torching fat off your body.

Now, you’ve got a highly tuned program that delivers results like these.

(Click the image to see their before and after fitness results as well)


Patrick Ramberg's Results


Phil's Testimonial

And here are a few more before and after pics…

Don’t forget, you can click each image to see their full Post Camp assessment results (this isn’t just about superficial looks like most other programs):




Here’s exactly how this program delivers such impressive results…

The MMA Ripped 8-Week Training Camp is divided into 3 main phases: Pre-Camp, Training Camp, and Post-Camp. The Training Camp is then divided into 4 specific phases counting down to your ‘fight date’, which is when you’ll assess your increased strength, endurance and cardio and see exactly how much fat you lost over the 8 week training camp.

Watch this short video to preview what you’re getting in the MMA Ripped 8 Week Training Camp:

The MMA Ripped 8-Week Training Camp is divided into 3 main phases: Pre-Camp, Training Camp, and Post-Camp.
The Training Camp is then divided into 4 specific phases counting down to your ‘fight date’, which is when you’ll assess your increased strength, endurance and cardio and see exactly how much fat you lost over the 8 week training camp.[/content_box]

Phase 1: The MMA Ripped Pre-Camp

Here’s everything you’ll get in the Pre-Camp Phase:

Assessment Guide

Inside this guide you’ll discover key assessments to measure your body comp and fitness. Few trainers assess their clients properly and when it comes to workout programs online or in books, this vital component is usually missing.

Join the MMA Ripped Training Camp and I’ll guide you through the assessment process so you know exactly where you stand, motivating you when you see the results in the mirror AND your fitness.

The Fight Mindset Manual


In this manual, you’ll discover some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned along with some powerful exercises I’ve used to help fighter’s train their mental game. After reading and performing the exercises, you’ll have a clear idea of what you need to do to achieve your goals and the confidence to follow through.



Priming Phase Nutrition Guide

The Priming Phase Diet is a 7 day protocol designed to cleanse and detox your system, balance your hormones and most importantly, provide insight into exactly what diet plan will work best for you during the Training Camp to both maximize energy and shed fat.




Results Tracker Software


The Results Tracker is a powerful piece of software to track your measurements as you progress through the Training Camp that will keep you motivated by showing you your gains. If you’re only looking at your weight on the scale it’s easy to get discouraged and think you’re not improving.

Once you’ve completed the Pre-Camp, which lasts 7 days, you move on to the main MMA Ripped 8-Week Training Camp:

Phase 2: The Main MMA Ripped Training Camp

Training Camp Guide

This guide will give you an overview of everything to expect when you work your way through the MMA Ripped 8-Week Training Camp. Each week is described from the Pre-Camp all the way to the Post-Camp.




Main Phase Nutrition Guide

This guide will be your customized meal plan for the duration of the 8-week training camp. You’ll discover a simple system for choosing what foods to eat to optimize your body’s fat burning rate while maintaining (and in some cases) gaining lean muscle. On top of that, you’ll have an abundance of energy, fueling the most rapid strength, endurance and cardio gains you’ve ever experienced.



The MMA Ripped Training Worksheets

The MMA Ripped Training Worksheets outline every exercise, rep, set, rest period and detail you need for each and every workout you’ll do including strength, cardio, technical sparring and live sparring. All you’ve got to do is follow the details outlined on these high quality, printable sheets, and you’ll be doing workouts as effectively as if I were right there, coaching you through them.

And once you’ve completed the 8-Week Training Camp, you’ll enter the Post-Camp phase where you redo all of the assessments you performed during the Pre-Camp phase and astonish yourself with just how farm you’ve come in 8 short weeks. :)

Finally, throughout the program, you’ll have access to the following:

Additional Components

MMA Ripped Forum Membership

The MMA Ripped VIP Forum is where you’ll interact with your team, get help with the program and get my support. It’s impossible for me to provide unlimited email support these days but I generally respond to forum posts within 24 hours, or if I don’t, one of the more experienced members will.


High Quality Streaming Videos

To make sure you perform everything correctly, you’ll have access to streaming videos of every assessment, warmup and exercise where I’ll show you every little detail to make sure you get it right and get the most out of every second you workout.

Basically, you’re getting everything you need to get the fighter’s physique:

  • An 8 week PERIODIZED training program that will keep your body torching fat from start to finish and making record gains in your strength and cardio
  • A CUSTOMIZED nutrition plan that will give you the energy you need to train and proper nutrients to burn fat
  • The mental tools required to not give in to excuses and the little voice in your head telling you “you can’t do it”
  • The SUPPORT of myself as your coach and other members who are going through the camp with you
  • High quality videos so you can perform every exercise with PERFECT FORM

And there’s one more thing that I hinted at earlier that totally sets this program apart from the rest.

Everything is described in the video below:

Start Today for Just $97
All in all, you’re getting the most complete program ever designed to give you the functional fitness of a pro MMA fighter and a lean, ripped, athletic physique.

This isn’t a program that’s been slapped together in a weekend.

It’s taken years of development from the first version, through the beta testing phase to now where it is in its current form.

If you were a pro fighter I’d take a % of your purse to train with me for an 8-week training camp, which would amount to hundreds of dollars.

But I want to make this affordable for anyone who is serious about taking their fitness and physique to the next level.

You’re getting 14 different workouts with over 80 different exercises, a customized nutrition plan, access to the VIP Support Forum and high quality videos designed by a coach trusted by top UFC fighters, delivered in an easy-to-follow format.

That means you can get me as your coach through the MMA Ripped 8-Week Training Camp for just 2 easy payments of $47.

Join right now and get in the best shape of your LIFE today:

Start Today for Just $97
NOTE: You will be billed $47 today and the remaining $47 in 30 days. After signing up and completing payment, you will be directed to the Registration page where you will create an account to access the MMA Ripped Members Zone to access the manuals. All manuals will be delivered in digital downloadable PDF format. No hard copy products will be shipped.

“But what if it doesn’t work for me?”

Then You Pay Nothing.

I know this works and I’ve got the results to prove it. But at the same time, I understand that you may be skeptical and I want to make sure you know there’s no risk to sign up today and give it your best shot

That’s why you can join today, follow the program, and if you find after 60 days you’re not getting the amazing results you’re expecting, email me and I’ll give you your money back.

I stand behind this 100% and if you choose me to coach you through this camp and you do what I show you, I guarantee your success.

Start Today for Just $97

Do you want a coach trusted by

UFC Fighters in your corner?

Here’s the deal… If you’ve got a strength and conditioning coach who’s got a good track record and is adept at putting together programs that work for not only his athletes but his regular joes, then your best bet is to work with him.

But from my experience, most coaches around will only put you through a workout, not design a program for you. It’s the, “Whatever I can think of on the spot” where they’ll randomly make you do exercises depending on how they feel that day.

This is different… This is a scientifically organized and periodized training program to take you from where you are now to a point in your fitness and physique that you could only dream of achieving… in only 8 weeks!

The efficiency and effectiveness of this program comes from my science background in Kinesiology combined with in-the-trenches experience training mixed martial artists for UFC competition on top of my skills in putting everything together for you in a format that’s easy to digest so you don’t get overwhelmed or confused.

If you want to go get a degree and the experience yourself, go for it, or if you’ve got access to someone who’s got this already, tap into their knowledge. But if you don’t and you want to be coached by one of the top coaches in MMA, this is one of the easiest decisions you’ve ever made.

I can’t wait to see you inside the camp and talk to you in the members forums and most of all – watch and hear about your rapid progress over the next 8 weeks.

Your NEW coach,


Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS
Pro MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach

P.S. Remember my No-Holds Barred 100% Money-Back GUARANTEE – you’ve got 60 days to try this program to experience the rapid gains in your fitness and rapid losses in fat.

P.P.S. Have a question? I probably answered it already below!


Q: What equipment do I need for the workouts?

For the Strength workouts, you’ll need a barbell and bench for exercises like Deadlifts and Bench Press, a Stability ball, dumbbells, chinup bar and a cable stack for things like Cable Rows.

For the Cardio workouts you can run outside, drag a sled, push a car or use any piece of cardio equipment you’ve got available to you. You can even hit a heavy bag if you know what you’re doing.

The Technical and Live Sparring workouts require your bodyweight and when you hit 2WO/1WO a chinup bar. Oh and bring your intensity. :)


Q: I don’t have ____ piece of equipment. Can I still do the workouts?

You can make some equipment substitutions if your gym isn’t fully equipped or you train at home with limited equipment. But you’ve got to ensure you’ve got heavy enough weights to challenge yourself; 3 pound pink dumbbells won’t cut it. Here are some substitutions you can make:

  • Any barbell exercise you can substitute dumbbells for, as long as they are heavy enough to challenge you
  • Any cable exercise = resistance (rubber) bands of sufficient tension

Q: Does the training camp include nutrition?

Of course it does, in fact, it includes one of the most advanced nutrition systems you’ve ever come across. Here’s why…

Most diets simply throw a bunch of info at you then tell you to eat a certain way. The MMA Ripped Nutrition System basically tests your body out, then prescribes you one of 3 plans to follow based on your responses to this test and a simple questionnaire.

That way, you’re getting a customized diet that’s designed specifically for your body, making it the most laser-targeted fat loss diet you’ve ever been on.

It’s also designed to not only help you shed fat, but also boost your energy so you can train harder and drastically improve your strength and conditioning on top of getting ripped.

Start Today for Just $97

Q: What if I don’t have a lot of fat to lose?

Well, this isn’t JUST a fat loss program, in fact, it’s a fitness and performance program that just happens to torch fat like no other as a welcomed side effect.

It’s my philosophy that you can’t do an exercise merely for fat loss because then you may lose sight of what’s more important, to me and my athletes anyway, which is FUNCTION.

If you only care about how hy-ooooge your muscles look in the mirror, then you won’t be interested in the heavy dose of functional, fight specific exercises included in this program.

But if you want to improve your strength, power, co-ordination, endurance, cardio, flexibility, core stability, etc, even if you have ZERO fat to lose, this program will give you all those things and more.


Q: I’m a beginner. Will I be able to do the workouts?

In my beta test group, Patrick had a total of 3 months of weight lifting experience add 90 lbs to his 1RM Deadlift and 33 lbs to his 1RM Bench Press.

Phil described his previous experience with weights like this, “I have tried weights a few times and hated them as I didn’t have a clue what to do or in what order…” and he also added serious strength while cutting 33 lbs of fat.

If you’ve never exercised in your life, some of the exercises in the Sparring sessions may be challenging, that’s why for every Sparring session I give you both an Amateur and Pro level to do – if you’re not quite as quick a learner or not in great shape right now, you can stick to the Amateur level to start off with and hit the Pro workouts when you’re ready.


Q: I’m not in my 20’s or 30’s. Will this program still work for someone considerably older?

It depends what you mean by ‘older’. If you’re 70, can’t walk without hobbling and it hurts to straighten your spine, this program is not the best idea for you.

But if you’re like one of my long-time clients Rick, who is in his late 50’s now, hits pads with me, does every exercise I show him and feels more like he’s in his early 40’s, then you’re good to go.

There is no upper age limit – only the limit you put upon yourself. I’ll let you be the judge. [See the last Q in this section for more.]


Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

If you honestly do everything in the program as outlined including the diet and you Show Up and Work Hard, I will be SHOCKED if you’re not happy with the results. Utterly flabbergasted.

Every single guy who started the program during the beta test phase reported feeling positive results, whether in fitness or fat loss.

Every single guy to a TEE who finished the program reported AMAZING results.

I know this works. I stand behind it 100%. I’m not promising it will cure cancer, but I’ve made very clear what this program will do for you if you stick with it.

You’re the only obstacle standing in your way.

It’s up to you to either step your game up or be satisfied with mediocre.

Step up to the next level today:

Start Today for Just $97