• Lose __ lbs of fat – while maintaining or building lean muscle
  • Develop a rock-solid core and functional fitness, not just big, bulky mirror muscles
  • Shrink your stomach (and lose man-boobs if you have ’em)
  • Become stronger and more powerful with cardiovascular fitness for any sport

[T]hese are the types of goals that Phil, a 34 year old father of 4 had before we met. He spent hours searching online, looking for answers… Then, one day, he happened across my website...

I was in the middle of rolling out a new program where I needed some beta testers. You know, human guinea pigs. :)

Phil applied for this new program and before he started, I asked him about his previous training experience.

He told me, “I have tried weights a few times and hated them as I didn’t have a clue what to do or in what order. My cardio was normal cardio that everyone does.”

I was only looking for a select few, and because Phil was:

a) Busy (4 kids will do that to you)
b) Inexperienced (never lifted weights for more than a couple of weeks)

I thought to myself, “These are the 2 most common excuses so if Phil could follow this program, anybody can.”

Phil passed the application, so I issued him a challenge: take a battery of health and fitness assessments, follow my program and diet for 8 weeks, then redo all the assessments and post your results.

He took me up on it, and I’m going to share his full results with you soon…

But first things first:

  • You’re looking for the next magic pill or potion…
  • You’re afraid of hard work…
  • You don’t care about how your body moves; you only care how it looks (go take up bodybuilding)
  • You’d rather do the same types of exercises and workouts over and over instead of mixing it up

If you’re the type of guy ready to actually do something to get results, then stay with me and I’m going to reveal the methods you can use to train like a fighter to get the fighter’s fitness AND physique.

Note: this is not simply about hardcore workouts like swinging sledgehammers or flipping tires.

While that stuff can be fun, it’s more just show for TV…

What we’ll be talking about are proven, scientific methods and in-the-trenches experience that I’ve personally used to train UFC fighters Jeff Joslin, Claude Patrick and Mark Bocek.

Discover the results of Phil’s 8-week journey here… (Page 2 of 4)[/content_box]