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How Do MMA Fighters
Workout to Get So Ripped?

Read this article to learn the 5 unique MMA workout techniques that
you can use to develop your fitness and a lean, athletic body.

By Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS
MMA Performance Coach

georges st-pierreYou've seen the latest fitness magazines featuring MMA workout routines with fighters on the cover showing off their chiseled abs and athletic bodies.

If you're wondering what their top-secret workout regimens are like (and it's NOT what they put in the magazines), then stay with me, as you're about to discvoer exactly how pro fighters train to develop rock-solid abdominals, amazing fitness, and powerful bodies without getting bulky like a bodybuilder.


Here's How You Can Start Getting Ripped
With an MMA Bodyweight Workout Program

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The MMA Ripped 4-Week Intro Fat Loss Program is the perfect place to start on your journey to six-pack abs. The program includes:

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5 MMA Workout Techniques You Can Use to Lose
Fat Fast and Get Ripped Like a UFC Fighter

1. The exercises fighters perform are meant to improve their sport, but these same exercises also train the body in a way that boosts metabolism, not only during the workout, but for up to 48 hours after. Inside you'll find out what these exercises are...

2. MMA techniques like boxing and jiu-jitsu contribute to the lean and powerful look that top mixed-martial artists possess Integrate these same techniques into your workouts and you'll get the same result.

3. When you look at an MMA training program, fighters aren't doing workouts based on body parts like biceps and chest, they're doing workout routines focused on training movements. Inside you'll discover the 7 movement patterns that create the ultimate athlete and how you can use them to finally get rid of your stubborn fat.

4. Mixed-martial artists don't rely on ellipticals to train their cardio and neither should you if you want to be as ripped as them. The most effective cardio can be done anywhere at anytime with your own bodyweight, which you'll learn about soon.

5. When leading up to a fight, most athletes are on a program developed to get their body fat as low as possible, while still maintaining strength and power. But it's not just the final weeks that count, it's the way the program builds on itself that allows them to get their body fat to almost nothing and still be explosive and in great shape. If you're ready to discover an exact exercise program to do the same thing, read on.


Are you ready to finally get rid of your stubborn body fat?





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